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ETV Network Club 1630 April 2002
ETV Network Club 1630 August 2000
ETV Network Club 1630 December 2000
ETV Network Club 1630 July 2000
ETV Network Club 1630 June 2002
ETV Network Club 1630 September 2001

ETV Network Club Series is devoted exclusively to dance, exclusive remixes, import dance videos, that is nothing but dance music.
ETV Network provides entertainment content solutions for out-of-home video networks to the retail and hospitality industries, including major chains like Fossil, FYE, Hard Rock Café, Macy’s, and Virgin Megastore. Maintaining the largest proprietary music video library outside of MTV and VH1, ETV Network’s customized programming is viewed by millions of customers each week in retail chains, restaurants, bars, and hotels around the globe.

ETV is non-existent now. December 2003 - Promo Only, Inc. and ETV Network have finalized a merger agreement that will consolidate the two promotional music video services, making the joint venture the largest subscriber-based music video company in the nation. ETV was doing video for a long time. Back before the DVD service was out. It was on VHS video tape called “ETV Music Video - Videolink”. Promo Only & ETV were at one time competing but Promo Only won that battle. The company was purchased by Promo Only eventually.