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MixMash Quickmash DVD-Series


MixMash launched in 2004, and established itself as Europe’s premier supplier of legal music videos on disc.
The video-content is sourced from original broadcast standard master tapes and files in the PAL format to assure the best possible quality. The audio and video are then processed using professional mastering software resulting in sound superior to that found on the original tapes and video quality exceeding standard DVD. With no cumbersome menus to navigate and instant play once inserted MixMash dvds are extremely vdj friendly.

MixMash is Europe’s premier supplier of legal music videos and ambient visuals on DVD to clubs, bars, mobile DJs, shops etc. The monthly Pop, Dance, Urban, Indie, Italiano and Español titles are packed full of the latest music videos and an extensive back catalogue of 70s, 80s, 90s, Dance & Party Classics ensures that MixMash also has the widest selection available in Europe. ClipMash now lets you compile your own DVD with just the videos you want and then have it delivered straight to your door. The extensive range of Ambient Visuals DVDs provides valuable visual tools to keep screens alive so if it’s audio-visual entertainment you’re into, MixMash is able to supply you with all your content needs.